Our Promise - Sanitation is a Top Priority

Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa provides you with fabulously indulgent nail care while going above and beyond to ensure your piece of mind.

We only use brand new nail files and cuticle sticks for each beloved client. For our foot files, we use disposable, self-adhesive foot file pads that are placed on a stainless steel paddle, to be used only on you. Our foot baths are fitted with single-use foot bath liners, to avoid the need for us to have to clean foot basins in client bathrooms between clients.

For non-disposable implements (such as tweezers, cuticle trimmers, nail clippers, etc), we scrub all items between clients with soap and water, dry items, then spray items with an Alberta Health certified high-level disinfectant, which kills any potential contaminants within 5 minutes.

Finally, you will notice that each staff member has two sets of implements, to ensure more than sufficient disinfecting time.

Government Inspected, Regulated & Fully Insured

Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa is fully inspected and approved to operate by Edmonton and Calgary Health Authorities, and operates with a valid business licence within each city. Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa also carries comprehensive professional liability, product and damage insurance to protect our customers.

Although we cannot speak for all companies, it is common practise for mobile spa companies to hire and pay staff as contractors as the payroll process is simplified greatly, Employment Standard requirements do not apply (including having to reimburse staff for travel costs and overtime) and it ultimately is less costly and less administrative for the company (15%+ deduction in payroll costs). When mobile spa companies choose to pay staff members as contractors, staff should technically obtain their own (optional) professional liability and product insurance, which is extremely costly, especially for a part-time on-call staff member. Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa does not hire staff as contractors, but maintains an employee-employer relationship with all staff. This is not only best for our clients, but for our employees as well, as they too are entitled to employment-related benefits such as Worker's Compensation and Employment Insurance. In addition, all mobile spa supplies are purchased and provided to staff (they are not required to purchase and use their own supplies), to ensure continuity of service delivery and quality of products/implements being used.

Make an Informed Decision

When choosing a mobile spa for your next event, we suggest you consider the following questions:

  • Is the business inspected and approved by Alberta Health Authorities?
  • Is the business operating with a valid business licence?
  • In the event of an accidental injury occurring from a professional spa service or damage caused by a technician in your home, does the company you are considering hiring carry liability insurance? Can the manager/owner name the insurance company when asked?
  • Are staff hired as contractors or employees? If contractors, is the parent company able to verify that in addition to their own insurance, do contractors have separate liability insurance?
  • Is the business able to verify that contractors have Worksafe Insurance coverage, as they will be entering your home/office/location? Would they be able to provide clearance letters for contractors if asked? (or provide full names of staff so you may search the Worksafe BC website yourself)
  • If the company hires staff as employees, is the company registered for Worksafe coverage (non-registration may imply staff are hired as contractors)? Also, when searched online via the Worksafe website, can a clearance letter be obtained for the business?
  • Do staff/contractors use their own supplies when performing bookings? If so, given the high cost of quality spa supplies, how does the company ensure they meet standardizing, cleanliness and quality requirements?

  • If a mobile spa does not have professional liability insurance for employees and/or contractors do not carry their own insurance, an accident such as a staff member slipping on a client's icy driveway could result in the customer potentially being liable (as the company insurance would not cover contractors, they would have to utilize their own insurance and Worksafe AB would require that the contractor had elected for optional Worksafe AB coverage).

    We truly recommend that clients do their due diligence and research before deciding on any mobile spa company. Make your next mobile spa event a safe one!

    Prices do not include taxes, gratuities or travel fees (if applicable for your location).