Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa Services - Corporate Wellness

Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa offers custom corporate wellness services for any special corporate wellness occasion. Adding a few spa stations to your next company event, staff party or creating a spa day at the office to celebrate company accomplishments will undoubtedly set your company apart from the rest.

Each corporate wellness spa station can provide spa services for up to 4 clients per hour at a rate of $95/hour, per technician (gratuities, taxes and travel/parking extra) with a 2 hour minimum. If chair massage is added as an option, the corporate rate for just massage services will be $105/hour, per technician. Each corporate wellness spa station comes with diverse menu options, supplies, equipment and the ability to provide endless bliss to your clients and staff! Options include:

1. Hand & Arm OR Foot/Leg Massage (15 mins)

Let us work out any tightness and tension with a relaxing and invigorating hand and arm massage, using sweet-apricot organic oils and massage pressure suited to your desire. Add hot stones for $5 more.

2. Chair Massage (15 mins) *minimum 4 people required for this service

This service is performed with our clients seated in a massage chair while fully clothed (we do recommend wearing a tank top or shirt that exposes as much of your back as possible). On exposed areas we can lightly apply sweet-apricot organic oils to assist with the smooth gliding of our massage movements. On areas with clothing we will use a combination of short massage movements and pressure points. Areas you can opt to have massaged are the upper, mid and lower back, as well as the neck, scalp and hands/arms.

3. Mini-Manicure OR Mini-Pedicure (15 mins)

Let us polish you to perfection! Nails are expertly trimmed, filed and buffed. A PH balancer is applied to nail plates to help polish better adhere to the nail plate, followed by a perfectly applied professional OPI polish application consisting of a base coat, 2 coats of polish and a top coat.

4. Mint Chocolate (or Orange Chocolate) Hand Facial OR Foot Facial (15 mins)

Using a moor mud scrub infused with eucalyptus oil (or orange/citrus oils) and pumice beads, we gently but effectively exfoliate your hands/wrists or feet/ankles. A rich, cocoa moor mud mask (made purely of moor mud and cocoa) is applied to your hands/wrists or feet/ankles. Afterwards, the mud is buffed off with a towel versus rinsed off so the nourishing vitamins, trace minerals, humic acids, amino acids, phytohormones, phytonutrients and pure goodness continues to moisturize your skin and be absorbed by your body. Rich mint moor cream is applied to hands/wrists or feet/ankles as a final touch.

5. Hand OR Foot Hot Paraffin Treatment (15 mins) *minimum 3 people required for this service

We apply a softening, nutrient-rich cream to your hands and/or feet. We place your hands or feet into paraffin bags then pour comfortably hot paraffin over your lower wrist/hands or ankles/feet. The hot paraffin will coat this nutrient rich cream, forcing it to be absorbed by your skin. You will be left with soft, silky, happy hands and/or feet! *available at a discounted rate if full mani and/or pedi services are received.

6. Express Organic Group Facials (30-40 mins per group) $40/person. Minimum 3 people required.

This fun, partially DIY service is performed in a group setting with instruction and assistance from a staff member. Using the exclusive Eminence Organics product line (we promise it is google worthy, if you are unfamiliar with this line) we lead guests through a facial cleanse, toner application, exfoliation step, treatment mask, serum application, eye cream application and day (or night) cream application (with several hot towels applied by our staff in between these steps). This service has the same results as our 30 minute Express Facial (which is performed singly on a facial bed), but is at a much lower cost as we can service more than one person at a time in a group setting. Best of all, guests will be left with soft skin that will be glowing!

7. Full length spa services as per our nail, massage and facials spa menus pages

(please note, those prices are as per those listed on the website, with an 18% gratuity applying to all full-length spa services).

A Small Sampling of our Corporate Clients To-Date:

  • YWCA
  • The GAP
  • Nike
  • Mount Seymour
  • Virgin Radio
  • The Better Business Bureau - Vancouver
  • Mobilicity
  • Purolator
  • Ikea
  • OHSAH - Occupational Health & Safety Agency for Healthcare in BC
  • Marriot Hotel
  • Pinky's Vodka
  • Prospera Credit Union
  • Liquidation World
  • Robson Business Improvement Association
  • Urban Fare (Alberni)
  • JC Studio
  • TD Bank
  • Lush Handmade Cosmetics
  • Best Buy
  • Finning
  • Discount Car & Truck Rental
  • Pharmacare Specialty Pharmacy

Prices do not include taxes, gratuities or travel fees (if applicable for your location).