Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've heard you also have a company that specializes exclusively in Kid & Teen Spa birthday parties. Where can I find more information?

Yes, we most definitely do! Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa - for Kids & Teens caters to mobile spa parties for kids, tweens and teens exclusively. They bring a fantastic spa setup to your home and offer a wide selection of spa and beauty services for the girls, such as manis & pedis, organic facials, hairstyling, light makeup and more. Other popular services include their beauty-product making activities and mother/daughter spa menu! For more information, you may view

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2. What methods of payment do you accept? Also, are gratuities included in the prices of your services?

To keep our party prices optimal for our clients, we accept cash and cheques only. We can accept credit cards if no other method is possible (additional charges will apply). Gratuities (in the range of 10-20% of the service value) are customary for beauty professionals that provide spa services. A gratuity suggestion will be noted on the invoice for your convenience. Clients may object to gratuities at any time.

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3. What are your reservations & cancellations policies?

We welcome short notice mobile spa party bookings but to avoid disappointment we recommend that you book your spa party well in advance. We are almost always booked within 2 weeks, likely 3 weeks, but often 4+ weeks (particularly on Saturdays). Even if you do not know which mobile spa services guests would like to go with (or the firm number of spa guests), we recommend booking your desired spa party time and date with us as soon as possible in order to have your choice party date and time.

We require a $75 non-refundable credit card deposit upon booking your mobile spa party. Spa party cancellations require 3 weeks advance notice. Cancellations occurring in advance of 3 weeks will receive their deposit back in the form of a credit.

We request that the Party Organizer RSVP at least one week in advance of their party date with a confirmed booking including: number/name of spa guests and their desired spa services. As we do reserve time and staff based upon final confirmations, full services charges will still apply on any late cancellations (within 48 hours of the party) or no show appointments if someone at the party is not able to fulfill the missed service.

We would like to note that we understand family emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can happen. Even if our cancellation requirements are not met due to such circumstances, we will endeavor to reschedule your event but can only do so if we happen to have availability in our schedule. If we honour the rescheduling of a late cancellation we also require that the party price remains the same or greater than previously booked.

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4. How many technicians attend the party?

The number of technicians we bring to your mobile spa party depends upon the total service value of your mobile spa party. Typically when your party spends $200 in services (our minimum requirement) you are entitled to one technician, $400 = two technicians, $600 = three technicians and so forth.

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5. Are there any special precautions I should know about?

Please let your Service Provider know of any medical health conditions, allergies, medications, or if you are using any skin thinning products (such as glycolic or retinol products), if you recently went tanning, or if you require any special care for the duration of your services, as even the smallest conditions can interfere with your treatment.

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6. What are your safety policies?

Some of the many ways that Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa - for Adults is committed to ensuring your safety and peace of mind include:

  • One-time use implements wherever possible
  • Individual product portions used wherever possible
  • Manicure and pedicure bowls cleansed per health department and industry standards with the highest level of chemo-sterilant; disposable pedicure basin liners when working on a mobile basis
  • Comprehensive training for all employees in cross contamination management and spa treatment protocols
  • Health questionnaires for all guests to fill in, ensuring that services will be safely enjoyed by all
  • Ingredient lists available for those with allergy concerns
  • Comprehensive third-party liability and product insurance
  • Trained and qualified staff to perform mobile spa services

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7. What can I do to maximize my spa experience?

As our guest, we want you to experience the highest level of satisfaction from your experience with our company. Our Service Providers strive to meet your every need and encourage you to express any adjustments as need be. Whether it is the pressure of your massage, music volume, or otherwise, informing your Service Provider of key concerns both prior to and during treatments, as well as during the party will help us to ensure that all of your requests and needs have been met.

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8. What should I wear during my services?

We always recommend wearing something comfortable. For massage services we do recommend receiving your treatment with the least amount of clothing possible as we always make sure there is proper draping and at all times. Only the areas which will be massaged will be exposed. This gives your Massage Practitioner the freedom to massage your body in a flowing manner without restrictive clothing. Of course, if you feel more comfortable, we recommend only wearing underwear. For certain services, such as a body wrap, we will provide you with disposable undergarments. For chair massage, a tank top is best.

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9. What is the length of a typical spa party?

Depending upon the circumstances, a typical and good length for a spa party is typically between 2.5-4 hours.

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10. How far do you travel and do you have travel fees?

So long as our schedule permits, we will travel as far as necessary! Unlike many other party companies, our employees are employees, not contractors - as they should rightfully be under regulations established by the CRA. As our staff are employees, Employment Standards Law requires that the driving technician whom carries supplies from our storage to your home is reimbursed for her vehicle expenses. In order to have control over our costs and travel expenses, a small travel fee, based on a per km rate may apply depending upon the party location. The travel fees charged go directly to the driving technician to compensate her for her vehicle expenses solely, as we as a company reimburse our technicians for the time spent traveling.

In most cases, you can expect to pay no more that $15-$30 for travel fees for a party, which we can disperse amongst all guests. Please inquire if you are unsure if travel fees apply to your booking.

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11. What setup is required to have a mobile spa party in my home?

We actually only require a very small space. The best setup for manicure/pedicure treatments is on a couch. For pedicure services the client sits on the couch with their feet on a stool and our technicians have a comfortable cushion to sit on in front of them. For the manicure services the client also sit on a couch, and we use a floating manicure table that we place on the client's lap. Our technician sits on a chair in front of the client while performing their manicure service. A chair is sufficient for one technician and a couch (6 feet x 4 feet of floor space) is perfect for two technicians. We ask that you move any coffee tables away if they are close to the couch, so that our technicians will have room to sit in front of the couch.

For massage and body services, we highly recommend having a separate room for your guests to enjoy their services in.

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Prices do not include taxes, gratuities or travel fees (if applicable for your location).